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Terms and conditions

At Majobi Dog Groomers and Spa, we value the trust our clients place in us to groom their pets. Please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions of service before booking your pet's appointment with us. We look forward to providing your furry friend with the best possible grooming experience and ensuring their comfort and satisfaction.


If your pet is found to have fleas you will be notified via telephone and a charge of £10 will be added to the total groom price. your dog will receive a flea bath and This is to cover flea bombing the salon and flea shampoo.

Coat condition

In the event that your dog's coat is matted, your dog will be shaved into a short pet style rather than performing a painful de-matting procedure, matted coats take extra time and put more strain on the grooming equipment therefore a charge of £10 will be added on top of the full grooming price.


Any appointments canceled with less than 24 hours' notice will incur a charge of 50% of their grooming fee and this must be paid before any further appointments can be made.

drop off and collection

due to majobi groomers working solely on a one-to-one basis, we have to be strict when it comes to drop-off and collection times. if you are more than 15 minutes late to your grooming appointment then unfortunately your appointment will be canceled and you will need to rebook. if you are late to pick up then a charge of £5.00 will be added for each additional 15 minutes past your collection time.

dogs in season

unfortunately if your dog is found to be on heat at the time of grooming then your appointment will need to be rescheduled for a later date. having a dog on heat in the salon makes grooming difficult for male dogs that may be booked in afterwards.

data consent

the data protection act 2008 controls how your personal information is used and stored by organizations, businesses, and the government. majobi groomers will process your information solely for the purposes of a professional grooming service and will not share it with third parties.


majobi groomers will take before and after pictures of your pet and may use these for social media/website or advertising purposes. if you do not wish for your picture to be shared please state on arrival.

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