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Puppy Graduation Package

Here at Majobi Groomers we want your puppy to enjoy grooming and be confident and comfortable in the grooming environment. Your puppy needs desensitising to the grooming environment so it is very important to introduce them from a young age. The Puppy Graduation Package is the perfect way to achieve this. This package is taken at 2 weekly intervals with 4 sessions in total.

Session 1 - Settling in session

This is the first session which lasts approximatley 45 minutes. During this session i will introduce myself to your puppy and we will have lots of fun in the salon whilst getting used to the smells and sounds around us. 

Session 2 - Puppy Groom part 1

This is the second session of your puppies journey and will last approximatley 1-1.5 hours. during this session your puppy will have a bath using a natural puppy shampoo followed by a gentle blow dry and thourough brush and comb out. After a ten minute play brake your puppy will recieve an eye trim and bottom trim.

Session 3 - Puppy Groom part 2

This third session will last for 1.5hours. After another bath using our natural puppy shampoo your puppy will have thier second blow dry and brush. this is followed by a nice little face trim, bottom trim, hygiene clip, pad and foot trim, an ear clean and nail clipping. During the last 15 minutes will be an introduction to the canine ultrasonic toothbrush.

Session 4 - 1st Full groom

This is the last session and lasts approximatley 2-2.5 hours. Starting off with a bath using one of our finest natural shampoos followed by a blow dry and thorough brush. Next is an ear clean. pad trim. hygiene clip and nail clip followed by a full body clip or scissor to a style you have requested. Once your Pooch is looking fabulous they will recieve a doggie bandana and a spritz of perfume to ensure they are smelling fantastic.
Congratulations your Puppy has now graduated and will recieve their very own graduation certificate as well as a voucher for a free spa treatment.

graduation package contents

settling in session
2 x puppy grooms
puppies 1st groom certificate
into to emmipet
first full groom
graduation certificate
free spa voucher


graduation price list

medium breeds {long coats} -£105
cavalier king charles
springer spaniel

large breeds {smooth coats} - £99

large breeds {long coats} - £135
golden retriever
german shepherd

x-large breeds {smooth coat} - £130
english mastiff
great dane
dogue de Bordeaux 

x-large breeds {long coat} - £175
Bernese mountain dog
old english sheepdog


x-small breeds {smooth coats} - £70
miniature pincher

x-small breeds {long coats} - £90

small breeds [smooth coats} - £85
french bulldog

small breeds {long coats} - £105
lhasa apso
west highland terrier

medium breeds {smooth coats} - £85
english bulldogs
staffordshire bull terrier


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